Sayiny NO to sex is honorable in the eyes of God, Be abstinent in your relationships until you are married

Why women should start learning to say no to sex

Why women should start saying no to intercourse, but don’t for fear of being alone. Maybe it’s the mere thought of being needy, which is a sad fact but true anyhow. This is a great issue today because so few woman are virgins when they get married today. This being a horrible situation because women refuse to say no to intercourse. Listed below are helpful tips on why you are not saying “No”, and insight to help you say,”No”

Sex! It is often believed that it is an integral part of any relationship. Everywhere you look, its like the whole world is having sex. However, this is not true. Not everyone is doing it and just because most people are, doesn’t make it right. As a woman, you should never allow yourself to be pressured into having sex. Lovemaking comes with a lot of responsibility and consequences. Here are reasons why you should start learning to say no to sex:

Sex can hamper growth in your relationship
The reality is, introducing sex into your relationship will block any chance of true intimacy. Intimacy is defined by trust, communications, respect etc. If as a woman you find it hard to say no, you forfeit all of that. You pay more attention to satisfying your fantasies and find it hard to build a true and deeper relationship. It becomes more physical than emotional. By giving in to sex, you kill any chance of your relationship growing emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. People should be able to relate on an intellectual and emotional level.

Sex makes it purely physical. Feelings of distrust begins to set in. You begin to question his intimacy with others. Your attention is on how to please your partner, so sex really does stunt your relationship’s growth.

To protect your reputation and future
A bad past often has a way of showing up in the future. A woman that is known to be a fickle minded individual and gives in to sexual activities at every request has earned herself a bad reputation. No man will respect a woman that lacks respect for herself and has no mind of her own. Certain stories from your past might leak out at some point which could affect your present relationship. It might be stories of abortions or even a child. This can cause you to lose respect and a sense of value.

Sex doesn’t mean commitment
With the high level of casual sex being thrown around today, women need to understand that intercourse doesn’t keep a man committed. You saying yes to sex doesn’t mean he will stay. Men usually don’t need emotions to have sex. It can be purely physical with them. As a woman, learn how to say no and mean it. Don’t let anyone guilt trip into having sex. If he threatens to leave, show him the door. A man that respects you will wait. Intercourse has never and will never be enough to keep any man. Sex isn’t love.

Sex doesn’t define your worth or value
In any relationship, intimacy is not what defines you. Giving in to sex doesn’t mean you are worth keeping. If it does, then men should be married to the first woman they ever had sex with. You are worth more than just a body to explore. Be confident and know what you want. Any guy pressuring you to have intercourse has shown that he has no level of respect for you. Intelligence, passion, value are qualities that should come first. Let every man respect you because you have great things to offer. Invest in a man’s life so much that he is willing to wait just to keep you.

The reality is that once you start, it becomes relatively difficult to stop. If you introduce intercourse into your relationship then you have to continue so as to keep up with it. You are not responsible for a man’s sexual dissatisfaction. Evaluate your relationship closely and know that once sex starts, it becomes really difficult to stop. If you continue to give in to pressure every time, you might end up becoming an addict.

You get to avoid unplanned responsibilities
Attached to sex is responsibility. Studies have shown that women with kids born out of wedlock end up being majorly responsible for them. When you have sex, you open yourself up to a world of unplanned kids. Having a child is a full-time work and one that can be very frustrating especially if you aren’t financially and emotionally capable. Learn to say no to sex keeping in mind that if a child comes out from such act, you get to bear most of the responsibilities.

You may lose time, you may have to put your career on hold, you may lack the resources needed to take care of your child, you can also end up having a child that no man is willing to father. It is unfair to have kids who won’t have the love, care and protection of both parents.

Avoid diseases
With all the diseases flying around, that should be enough reason to encourage you to say no to sex. The truth is the more you limit your sexual relations, the less likely you are to expose yourself to getting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, gonorrhea, herpes etc.

Avoid hurting yourself and others
Sexual relationships often come with emotional and psychological risks. Sex can complicate your relationship. This is because as a woman, you begin to feel emotionally attached to a man that may not feel the same way. There is also a big level of expectations and ownership which can lead to disappointment and heartache. Intimacy can block you from the reality of things and cause you to see it as the answer to your relationship’s problem. It sweeps things under the carpet and prevents you from really seeing the main issue.

You may even find it hard to break off an abusive relationship because sex is involved. As mentioned earlier, your relationship begins to lack growth and true commitment which can really does complicate matters.

Encourage Yourself:
As beautiful as lovemaking is,in a healthy relationship, it can destroy you if it is done at the wrong time or with the wrong person. Love making can be a distraction that blinds you from the true reality of things. If you are in a relationship and he keeps pressuring you to be intimate, now might be a good time to reevaluate that relationship. Learn to say no and mean it. If the other person loves you enough, they will be willing to wait.

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