Alicia Cruthirds plays her bass guitar from her soul, which is good for the soul and weight loss

Alicia Cruthirds on the bass!

I saw this video and thought OMG! Alicia Cruthirds is awesome on her Bass guitar, she is a must hear and to God be the glory. But the great part about this video is the fact that Alicia is playing to the glory and honor of God. So do your dance, clap your hands and get some much needed cardio. I hope you will also enjoy Alicia Cruthirds as much as I do.

I am always listening for the next great song or music to dance with, because it is better than going to the gym, especially if you hate working out in front of others. Alicia Cruthirds plays her guitar and you will soon forget your troubles as you get a total body workout.

Not only do I dance, but I also jump rope and use the punching bag because it really helps with upper body strength. You will love this particular workout and will see results within two weeks. When I first started losing weight, I only had the music, but still saw great results immediately. With the music, it doesn’t cost you anything unlike having to purchase a punching bag or even a jump rope.

When you are serious about weight loss, you find ways to reach the ultimate goal. I still snacked, I still ate bread, and since I am a fool for sweets, I still had my sweets periodically. I couldn’t help my self, but the cardio does wonders. When I am dancing, I will sometimes use light weights to assist me with my cardio. Such as doing butterflies while dancing, over my head, or on my sides up and down.

Encourage Yourself: It is imperative to take care of your body as well as your soul, the Bible lets us know this. Our body is our temple and we must be careful how we treat this temple. Because I don’t drink or smoke, or never have, it was a plus. But the foods I was eating wasn’t always good for me. Mexican food was my favorite, and now I can’t even begin to tell you how long it’s been since I have had Mexican food.

The things you wish to rid your body of, seek God’s help. He is just and faithful enough to help or deliver you from it.

My hat is off to this incredible woman, It doesn’t get any better than Alicia Cruthirds! To God be the Glory!


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