The Pass Out Game that teenagers are dangerously playing, in spite of the out come.

The Pass Out Game

The “Pass Out” game, teens believe they have reinvented the game, but the facts remain the same. Teens are still being foolish enough to try this horrifying game and are dying at an alarming rate. Many years ago our teenagers were daring enough to try this game. In spite of the number of kids that died. You rapid breathing, then a sudden gasp for air and pressure applied to the chest. Allowing you to go in and out of consciousness for a quick high.

I first saw this video a week ago, and was appalled at what I saw. I realize the scriptures says there is nothing new under the sun, but this was new to me.nothing new under the sun. A phrase from the Book of Ecclesiastes 1:9; the author complains frequently in the book about the monotony of life. The passage reads as such, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

It doesn’t surprise me at the fact that young people will try most anything to seek attention and or running the risk of putting their lives in serious danger, just for a temporary thrill. More and more as the days prolong themselves, we have Satan to look forward to hoodwinking each and everyone of us who are not deeply rooted and grounded in Christ. I cannot say enough how he comes to sleal kill and destroy. Know that he is roaming this present earth seeking whom he may devour.

This is a new day in 2018, but as a child, I never thought once about this type of foolishness. The fact that you desire to try life altering games for a moment of what some call fun and excitement, is unthinkable to me.So the question is, what are the different avenues we as adults can take to better this sad situation? I believe in our blessed hope which is Christ Jesus. We should exercise helpful methods of the flesh, but ultimately we must remember we also have to deal with the spiritual aspect of our everyday life situations.

Suggestions: On how to make for a better teenager. First and foremost family structure based in Christianity. Continual prayer as a family, trainging up a child in Christ. Teaching your youth about the dangers of the various traps and snares devised to snuff out their very breath. Avoid games such as “The Pass Out”. Satan is cunning and will use anyone or anything he can to accomplish his goal.

Encourage Yourself: Allow your children to speak freely with respect. Listen to what they might have to say, even if it angers or saddens you. Never leave children to their own devices.Young people should always know that they are being surpervised. No one child should be able to do as they please in your home or band you from their bedroom. It is your job to know what is going on in your house at all times, as well as what type of people they associate themselves with.


    1. Ultimately you know it’s the trick of the enemy. We as saints must be about our Father’s business. Remember to pray for all. Thank you for your imput. Anita


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