Sweeter than the spring time and sweeter than the sunshine

Jesus , you’re beautiful by CeCe Winans

Jesus you are beautiful to me, bright as the morning star. Jesus, how can I tell how beautiful you are to me. Sweeter than spring time, purer than sunshine, ever my song will be. Jesus you are beautiful to me. Oh how I love to call your name.

Lord you are wonderful and I love singing praises to you. Dearer to my heart than anything. Ever my song will be, Jesus you are beautiful to me. Oh how I love you. Song that the angels sing, sweeter than spring time, purer than sunshine, ever my song will be. Jesus you are beautiful to me,

The love,the reverence, the admiration I simply cannot express enough through words. My heart is overwhelmed and filled with joy. I lift my praises to you all day, because you are worthy. Lord you are beautiful. I worship you, I give you total praise.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: I remember when I saw CeCe Winans in Denver, Colorado at Marilyn Hickey’s church, she was so graceful. I loved having that experience with such great women.

Marilyn Hickey was born on July 1, 1931, in Dalhart, Texas, to Jerry and Carmen Hickey. When she was a young girl, Hickey’s parents were professing Methodists and attended church only casually. Her family suffered from hereditary mental disorders according to one of her telecasts. Her father had it, after her grandfather and her great-grandfather that had it, even before the “devil and his imps” got to Marilyn, at the age of 36, she was the only one in her family not to suffer a mental disorder.

Also in her family, she also said that her family had a history of heart diseases, especially Hickey herself, that at age 11, she was told by her doctors she had an enlarged heart, and progressively got worse until she had surgery. She became a born again Christian when she was a teenager. In college, she studied Spanish, intending to become a public high school teacher.

She met Wallace Hickey (born May 7, 1925, in Genoa, Nebraska), at an Assemblies of God Church, where Wallace served as a pastor, and together on December 26, 1954, (just 1 day after Christmas), the couple were married. Around the same time, she and Wallace also met Dr. T.L. Osborn, a Pentecostal evangelist, who was 8 years Hickey’s senior, when she and Wallace both had traveled around in her husband’s car, doing tent revival meetings, in town, she also became lifelong friends with him, until she lost him, only 4 months, after she lost Wallace.

The most coincidental thing is she was also a guest-speaker at one of the conferences in which Dr. Osborn held. After a short time in Texas, they moved to Denver, Colorado to found Full Gospel Chapel. The church, later known as Orchard Road Christian Center, became one of the largest churches in the Denver area. They later turned over the pastorate to their daughter Sarah Bowling and son-in-law Reece Bowling. The church (now called Encounter Church) currently meets in in Centennial, CO.

Hickey held a Bachelor of Arts in Collective Foreign Languages from the University of Northern Colorado and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Oral Roberts University.

In 2015, Hickey was honored at Oral Roberts University with a Lifetime Global Achievement Award.

Hickey has two children and four grandchildren. Hickey’s husband of 57 years, Wallace, died after a long battle of Alzheimer’s, in the care center of Denver, Colorado, on October 19, 2012, at age 87.

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