walking with Christ is essential along with morals and good standards

Walking With Christ Your Savior

Walking with Christ takes determination to do what is righteous, to do the godly thing even when no one is watching, which is very much like integrity. Know that God is watching every step, every good or bad deed and you will have to give in account for your actions good or bad.

When you aim to walk with Christ, the things you used to do, you don’t do anymore. You lose the desire to smoke, drink, have permiscuous sex, or to steal. The list is long, but the fact remains the same, your thinking process changes and you want to please God.

If you are struggling to overcome certain areas in your life, you will then need to go to God in prayer to assist you in your deliverance. God is just and faithful enough to see you through your struggles. Christ wants you to commune with Him. Which as you know, should be done only a daily basis. God loves the sweet sound of your voice, and delights in communication with you.

When seeking deliverance from God, and you are still feeling some despair, fret not yourself. Because some of these things only come out through fasting and prayer. It will also appear that God is not hearing or answering your request. I encourage you to be patient and of good cheer, hold fast to God’s unchanging hand. It could be a test of your patience. To see if you are genuine about the ridding yourself of those unseemly desires.

Living holy requires a mind that is focused on Christ. Walking in Christ is not always easy but it is doable, when your mindbis made up and nothing can deter you from serving Jesus. The bible is our guideline for all that we need to guide us through these troubling times. Every thing you need, is in the word of God.

Encourage yourself: The scriptures tells us that God hears our crys. He is not a God that He should lie nor the son of God that he should repent. If He says it, He will do just what He says. Trust in His word and do good. Be of good courage my brother and sister.

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