Sex talk today is essential but many appear to be a bit vulgar with it, and far more open than we were back in and day

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Sex talk: Sex talk many years ago would scare the socks off many people. They either thought you were being vulgar, or had no home training. When in actuality many were having simular issues and needed to know if others shared the same troubling issues.

We were afraid to speak up or speak out, I personally was one of those who wouldn’t dare discuss these issues with my mate, and certainly not my girlfriends, and never a stranger. As a matter of fact, the lights had to be out during intercourse, and never in the day time. Exploring various options with each other and our bodies.

My shame and my foolishness was simply amazing when I think back, but with time and experience and a very understandable husband, it has made this process much easier. I love the fact that Paul is a easy going man which makes pleasing him a breeze. I can now take those teachings from the scriptures and apply them to my relationship with Paul, just as Solomon did with his lover.

Now that Paul and I are going on 30 years of marriage, I no longer have the real but silly issues I once had years ago. Working together as well as having many discussions on the subject of what we desired, or not so much. Left the possibilities open to explore new positions and each other, as well as plenty of sex talk.

It is my personal belief that because of my past experience with being molested, I had a hard time being nude in front of anyone. Yes, even females, because my perpetrator was a sister. I only wanted sex in a dark space or at night, and my favorite was with all the lights out. There were even times I didn’t care to even have sex, especially after I started growing older, and I say older, but it was around the age of 35.

I lost my full desire all together when it came to having or the desire to have sex. I had to pray for God to intervene in this situation, asking God to fix it immediately. So that I would be in accordance with His word. The husband or wife are required to not withhold each other

Unless he acted soon I would deprive my spouse of the thing he loved most of course, with his patience growing smaller month by month. Sex is not the most important factor in a relationship, but it is essential for many reasons. Such as satisfaction for personal needs, faithfulness in the relationship, and togetherness as a couple.

Never deprive your spouse of sexual gratification if you can help it, God is pleased with this, not to mention the things it does for your husband (Fireworks). According to the scriptures God lets us know that marriage is honorable with the marriage bed pure, and God will judge all sexual immorality; Hebrews 13:4.

Our love should resemble that of the Song of Solomon, this story dipicts the celebration of sexual love. Two lovers yearning for each other with great passion. With thoughts of pure enjoyment they offer a invitations to each other for intimacy through their own personal way of sex talk, just as we should to one another as mates.

Here is an example sex talk or the desire and love this man describes his beloved as: Her hair is like a flock of goats, her teeth like shorn ewes, and so on from face to breasts. Her neck is like the Tower of David, her smell like the scent of Lebanon. He hastens to summon his beloved, saying that he is ravished by even a single glance.

This particular section becomes a “garden poem”, in which he describes her as a “locked garden” (usually taken to mean that she is chaste). The woman invites the man to enter the garden and taste the fruits. The man accepts the invitation, and a third party tells them to eat, drink, “and be drunk with love”. This exactly how God would desire us as His children to conduct ourselves with our spouses.

Encourage yourself: As you read more of the Song of Solomon, I can only believe that this is how God intended for relationship to be between man and woman, as he created Eve from the rib of Adam. What your preference is, is of course your business, I am not here to judge you. I am only here to tell of what God’s word says. This is not to offend anyone, this is truth, in it’s purest form.

A recap: In order to have pure enjoyment from your mate, you must be equally yoked first of all, secondly trust is key, and third, communication is essential in order to know or understand the needs or desires of one another. Remember to be respectful and listen carefully to the others needs. By all means be gentle,  some areas are more sensitive than others.

We as women have missed out on great love making because we have either not put anything into the process, not spoken up, or have no experience as well as past issues.  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for awesome love making because we refuse to give it a 100%. Sex talk is good, and good sex is better!

I know the ways of the world are far different from is actually taking place today, but I say to you, save your self for that special someone.  It is the most precious gift you can give, don’t just freely give it away. Cherish that moment for your wedding day, you’ll be glad you did. Refuse to entertain evil, evil thoughts, or lustful desires. Marriage is honorable!

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