Rebellious teenagers are often times very difficult to deal with

Rebellious Teenager

How to deal with the rebellious teenager,  who feels as though you as the adult knows very little. As a matter of fact, since I know so much more than you mom, dad, just ask me any thing you want to know, I’ve got all the answers. Thank you very much!

As a young person I believe I am pretty smart, after all I get straight “A’s ” and feel as though I got it pretty much together as a teenager, I even answer problems in class the teacher cannot seem to figure out. Mr. Jones call on me 9 times out of 10, because the other students in class are all idiots. Heck, I could come to school one day out of the week and still keep up with the curriculum, need I say more?

So mom, dad, I’m your man. At 15 years old I come to realize that the world is mine, conquer and divide, as I am indispensable. No drugs, no liquor, nor peer pressure can get the best of me. Those schmuck bullies at school bow to me, because they need me to do their homework, and are willing to pay me anything, ha ha ha! I love it! Bow you bumbling idiots.

No one can tell me anything, because I am Thor. My chores, I do on my terms. I’ll eat in my room as I please and never mind the fact that I refuse to take my dishes back to the kitchen. I will stay up as late as I choose, in spite of the fact that dad requires me to shut it down by 10:30pm. I’ll go against everything rule you set before me because you have no authority.

I don’t smoke weed, smoking is for dumb people, but a little vodka is good inside of a little strawberry koolaid, chilled to perfection is the best, maybe with a little cough syrup with Codeine .

Some call me unruly because I always have an answer, I don’t call it being a smart a@#, I just call it being smart. When you have an intelligent answer for adults, they don’t seem to appreciate it,  but when you are speechless they tend to regard that much better.

The problem with teenagers and adults is that adults don’t listen, when listening they hardly hear what is being said. Often times adults always think they are right, and kids should be seen and not heard. Where does this type of thinking come from? It’s an old way of life, when our grandmother’s and grandfather’s were raising their children.

Why is it that we as young people cannot be verbal? You know what the answer is? Because you said so, that’s your answer, that’s your answer all the time.

If speaking to adults respectfully then there should be no problems . But it appears that there is no making our parents happy. If giving this great mind from God, then why am I not at liberty to use it.

Parents take time to get to know your children, and by all means stop being a hypocrite. This is the biggest problem we youngsters have with adults. Even while being a church goer, we see and hear many of you backbitting, gossiping and lying from time to time, and unfortunately eyeing some female in spite of the fact that you are married. Excessive arguing with one another, but lifting holy hands during church service.

Young people have a very hard time with hypocrisy, how about precept and example on your part, mom, and dad? It is not our intention to be rebellious as you call it, but our emotions get the better of us, and the meer fact that not being able to speak freely, stifles us. So we shut down all together unless we feel the need to lash out at you. Even possibly the most important person in our lives want perfection from us, but fails to deliver themselves.

The worst thing adults can do to impressive little minds is to say do as I say, and not as I do. What would Jesus do? (WWJD) He would deal much differently with a rebellious teenager as you put it. Never call your children a rebellious teenager, something about those words tend to drive them crazy.

If living by the word of God is our motto for our home, or shall I say “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” than let’s do it right.


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