I am never really sad when someone walks out of my life any more. Because I understand the ways of God now.

Sad to see you go

Sad to see you go, not so much. It has been said that some people look better going than they do coming. I want you to always remember that and never be sad about it. It is in those times you must gleam all that you can while in the presence of others. As the older folks would say, eat the meat and throw away the bones.

Some folks are just in our lives for a season. I learned years ago how some folks are in our lives for a season, but no one ever said this could apply to family or a close friend of 30 years, but now I see. When I chose to back off, and to allow myself some space to reconfigure, or like the computer rebooting itself. You actually thought it was a bad thing, but it was actually for our betterment.

Folks will pull you down or you will find yourself in a condition where you are just spinning your wheels. Getting no where fast, with the same everyday routine, while life is passing you by, with no real9 purpose.

It is a known fact that some folks are destined to be great, that is where your president Obamas come in, your Oprah Winfreys, and your Mya Angelo’s. Yes there are a great number more, but that was just to name a few. While you have the goal oriented folks and then the most common folks who have no drive, and live day by day.

Greatness lies within all of us, but this is a decision you will have to decide on, and only you, early in your life. Not your rich parents, they cannot do it for you. Even when you come from the best family, or thewealthiest family. This decision is all you. Because even when we have one thought in mind for our children, they are always sure to crush what we as parents thought was the best course for them.

In this aspect we must allow our children to make their own life plans, and pray they go in a decent path. So when you think that person was there since grade school is always going to be there, you might want to think again. Sometimes its better they go, and by all means don’t be sad. These folks or friends can sometimes keep you from your greatness. Some of your heartbreaks will be when certain folks are no longer in your life, but dry your tear. This is good.

Think it not ill when I say I am moving on. When times have changed and we no longer fit. Sad to see you go, not exactly. Life is headed in a different direction and I cannot hold on to the things of old. This mean essentially everything, hurt, pain, bad memories, old friends especially if you are no good for one another.

I now understand the importance and purpose of some folks who are my life and those who are no longer. I see why God placed all the little old ladies in my life. They were my stepping stones to help get me where I am today. They helped me in ways no one else could, especially family. Even as I longed for family growing up.

They help me see the good in various situations, they always gave people the benefit of the doubt,  they allowed me to talk and express myself, they loved me unconditionally,  God allowed them to assure me of their love and concerns for me, they never failed to teach. God placed these women in my life, some 10 years, and some 28 years til their death.

Encourage yourself: One must have a source, a rock to stand on in order to properly tunnel through this life. For me it was God and the older women he placed in my life, who or what is your foundation  you? What special people in your life gives you the encouragement to keep moving forward?

God knew us before we were conceived in our mother’s womb, so He knew the course our lives would take better than we ourselves. Remember every tool you need to make life better is yours.

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