An apology is necessary when you knowingly hurt someone

Apology, For What?

Apology: An apology is necessary when you know you have committed an act against someone and it merits an apology. But never apologize for being who you are or speaking the truth. But if any decency lies within you,  you will recognize your wrong doing and give the necessary apology.

To simply apologize means to swallow your pride and allow the other party to hear your sincere apology. I can speak from personal experience regarding refusing to apologize to someone. I would think to myself, “when Hell freezes over, is the day I say I’m sorry to that person”. How wrong was I.

As I began to establish a deeper personal relationship with God, my heart changed, I begin to see things differently. I was no longer that old Anita, even though many thought I still was. When those changes began to take place, I realized that there were certain people I needed to instantly apologize to. Note that family and friends are the worst,  because they think you can never change, or seem to test you more than any one else, you will encounter in your life.

You must remember that you will be tested over and over, and apologies are necessary, and will be something you will need to familiarize yourself with. So pride aside, because as a child of God you cannot knowingly hurt someone and not offer a sincere apology. Even if not accepted, know that you have done your part once you have apologized. Leave the rest for God to handle.

God wants us to be mindful of others, He wants you to be able to apologize if necessary to our fellow brothern,  we are our brother’s keeper. One should know he/she cannot be an island unto themselves. When you have giving your heart to God the entire scope of your life changes as well as your relationships with various people, in and out of church. I will not lie, it takes a little getting used to.

The fear of the unknown tends to occupy your every thought, and the guards you have kept up all your life are slowly being torn down. Because a intimate relationship with God has turned your life around.

Your trust level is on high alert if you are anything like myself, but as you establish covenant relationships with several sincere God loving people, you will get the point where you can relax about these new folks in your life. Your transparency, the honesty and true love for God begins to shine forth. This is when making an apology becomes easier as a deeper relationship with God strengthens.

An apology,for what? Apologies for any time you have done something wrong or offensive to others, they deserve an apology and vice versa. Be willing to accept the apology of others, if it doesn’t set well with you even after they have apologized. Love them from a difference, there is no law from God saying you must keep those people in your bossom, but you must accept their apology according to the scriptures.

Encourage yourself: Luke 17:4 “And if he sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.” Maturity allows you to apologize if necessary, embrace this fact in your life, it can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Matthew 5:23-24
“Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.

Luke 17:4
“And if he sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.”




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