Dealing with the empty nest syndrome is a thing of the past

Empty Nest

Empty nest? What’s that? The millennials never move out, or shall I say they haven’t been able you finish high school, college or find a decent job in order to be self sufficient.

I can recall anxiously waiting for my high school graduation so I can depart from my mother’s house. 18 couldn’t come fast enough, but today I find most parents complaining about their youth. Who somehow believe they are the privilege ones and that there is no great rush to make life happen for themselves as we did growing up.

As a matter of fact they tend to stay up all night on video games and with other low life friends who also have no immediate concerns regarding our current state of the world. They sleep the day away and want you to believe they’ve been job searching all day, when in actuality, they have only just been at it for an hour, prior to you getting home.

The games they play with their parents to work on their sympathy, it’s like a little hustle they have mastered. Except the love a parent truly has for this immature unfocused child, goes deeper than they could ever imagine. Trust me, many times we do see the game, according to the bible there is nothing new under the sun.

There only concern in the world except needing mom and dad to pass them some cash, remembering their favorite snacks while grocery shopping, or new tennis shoes is hanging with their friends. Our children wanting us to accept all their faults, their lack of interest in life, and god awful ways when they refuse to keep their personal space tidy. This is a time we would truly embrace the empty nest syndrome. Instead of this ugly cycle of difficult changes our kids put us through.

So this empty nest syndrome doesn’t happen as quickly today as it once did, long gone are the days for hidden grief or not being able to cope with the empty nest syndrome. Because it appears that something has gone terribly wrong, we have either failed to do our job, or the privileged millennials are an ungrateful undetermined group of young people that just maybe the enemy has misguided.

We must remember there is a force that is working against our families, our children, might I even say our world. We must be about our Father’s business, praying and teaching all that we know how to help encourage our children to be better humans, respecting life, and being a positive force instead of a negative one. The enemy’s job is to take down our families, to kill steal or destroy each and everyone of us.

Be not deceived by Satan’s attacks against us, for the bible informs us of the devices of our enemy. The scriptures tells us that God has giving us the tools or power to overcome snares of the dark forces of this world. It is up to us to fight the enemy with God’s word and a life of holiness. So when your child seems go against everything you have taught them, and seems to have no ambition, remember to take a firm stand, insist on accountability, and most of all, pray.

Because of our children’s unseemly behavior we long to experience the empty nest syndrome, upon hearing others discuss their child’s absence from the home. We can only imagine what joy it would be to have that same experience. If only our children were more cooperative, we wouldn’t push for the empty nest the minute they turned 18.

We as parents are just asking our children to finish high school, as well as college, to have a good attitude, do what is required within the home as well as abroad. Be an upstanding citizen, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Mutual respect is vital when dealing with others. We pray that your ambitions and goals are suitable to assist you in being self sufficient in this life.

Encourage yourself: To raise a child who is comfortable enough to leave you, means you’ve done your job well.

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