ProShield Smart backpack to help protect your child while at school

ProShield Smart Backpack

ProShield Smart backpack
at just a $189.99 will help aid your child during a school diaster to shield their body from bullets helping to keep them safe from bodily injuries. If you are interested you can purchase one of these ProShield Smart backpacks.

In a world like today any and all safety precautions would be considered wise, it might help assist in giving your child a sense of security. Yes we are praying, and yes God is able. But everyone has a different level of faith, so if you feel you need one of these ProShield Smart backpacks, this is especially for you. We know that no man knows his time of dismiss, but if we can aid in providing safety, it would behoove us to do so.

I heard on the morning radio station the spokesman sharing how he had three children that were all headed off to school. He had seen this ProShield Smart backpack and thought he had to get one for all of his kids, even his 8 year old, which caused him a great deal of sadness.

But because this is the world we live in, it is a necessary fact that these backpacks were needed. My heart sank, as I listened closely I could only think, our world needs you right now God.

Otherwise we sit like sitting ducks wondering if that bloody day will have an impact on our family. It is my opinion that along with all the necessary safety precautions, we continue to pray, not just for our children, but all of our children unselfishly. That God would stretch forth His hand of protection.

That He would be that shield for us and our kids throughout the course of the day. It is a sad world we live in that a gunman can enter a school and kill up a group of people, let alone children.

I feel we have failed our children, we have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to bury our babies year after year now since Columbine. It has become a routine situation and yet nothing has been done to make the schools safer.

Those who seem to care less than anyone else are those especially associated with NRA, correct me if I am wrong. When money becomes more important than the lives of our precious children, then we have losted all sense of humanity, and lack any reverence for God.

We have refused to make our schools safer for our children, there are many things we could implement such as locked doors, no lockers, no trench coats, armed security guards, metal detectors, more cameras, automatic door locks on classrooms, teachers with tasers, or arming our children with pepper spray.

Maybe even periodically having discussions of bullying in classroom settings and a help center especially for teenagers at the schools. In this tip to help assist in safety, this ProShield Smart backpack can be an added bonus, it may help save your life.

Encourage yourself: Note that Jesus is our ROCK! our Refuge, our strength, our shield and buckler. I also need to remind you that just like the three Hebrew boys in the firey furnace, if God don’t, we know He can. Proceeds will go to the families and victims of Parkland.


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