Aretha Franklin failed to have a Last Will and Testament

Last Will & Testament

Aretha Franklin Didn’t Have A Last Will & Testament

Aretha Franklin’s Last Will & Testament is non-existing. A mistake many African Americans make over and over again, even after being informed on the benefits of doing so. Below you will see various reasons why you should have a Last Will & Testament and how to get one.

Intestate: Means to die without a Will.

Why you should have a Last Wil & Testament:

Save your family the hassle and do take the necessary precautions in advance,  to lesson some of the stress and heartache the family has to endure during that time of bereavement . Sincerely consider having a Last Will & Testament which should be implemented immediately. For we know not the day or hour Jesus will call us home.

It will also be a great advantage if the Estates do not go into Probate. Unless you have a family like mines, then Probate would be a good thing so we don’t  kill one another. Just joking! In all seriousness,  when the courts have control over what is considered yours is not necessarily a good thing. Usually all properties and monies are tide up for an undetermined amount of time.

African Americans Mistakes:

More often than not black people run into this God awful problem on a regular.  As if the death isn’t hard enough, then you have to deal with who gets what, what the deceased wanted, family bickering over every little issue that arise, lying, cheating, and possibly fighting.

It blew my mind that Whitney Houston had her affairs in order and Aretha Franklin didn’t. Why, you ask? Because allegedly Whitney Houston was a drug addict, and Aretha Franklin appeared to be of sound mind and good judgment.  It just seems to easy to have a lawyer draw up all the paperwork and split her inheritance up with her children and grandchildren.

The recording artist “Prince” died without a Will, and as of today the family hasn’t seen any of that money. The lawyers hold the cards.

Money Issues:

Money isn’t always the primary issue, sometimes it’s fear of dealing with the inevitable that causes many people to do the mature thing and write out the desired wishes.. As we have heard Aretha Franklin’s net worth is about $80 million. So truly money wasn’t her issue. On a more personal level, my mother wasn’t over flowing with money,  but her affairs were all handled. Which makes for a much easier situation when that person does pass away.

To hire a Lawyer or not to hire:

Even though you can hire an Attorney to draw up legal papers for your Last Will & Testament, it’s not always necessary. There are do-it-yourself kits, and paralegals. Now here is a suggestion for those who don’t have the kind of money Whitney or Aretha had, but a simply typed letter explaining in simple terms of your wish, that is notarized.

Negligence : When we neglect to have our personal affairs in order we create more unnecessary legal havoc for our families. Many times people will fall short on handling their affairs, even though we pray otherwise. In Aretha Franklin’s case she knew she was sick but still failed to get her affairs in the proper order, after 76 years on this earth.

It was obvious she was having health challenges even a year ago, that she denied to the public. I would think upon knowing, that you have pancreatic cancer, you would certainly get an Executor over your Estates .

Encourage Yourself:

Don’t leave your family or friends in a drawn-out battle with the courts after you have passed.

Get your Legal Will Kit from your nearest library or Probate / Law Library or maybe even Office Max.


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