Ariana Grande groped by bishop charles ellis at Aretha's funeral Friday August 31, 2018

Ariana Grande, groped at funeral

Ariana  Grande sang Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” at Aretha’s funeral Friday August 31, 2018. My disappointment had begin to over shadow the fact Ariana Grande did an excellent job singing. So allow me to take this moment to say “Well done Ariana”, you ROCK and Aretha would have been satisfied. You are one of the many GREATS.

Bishop Charles Ellis the current pastor of the Greater Grace Baptist Church in Detroit, who officiated the funeral service for Aretha Franklin. Took a moment to hug Ariana Grande
and putting his hand between Ariana’s arm and torso, with his fingers on her side breast.

Escorting her to the podium, Bishop Charles Ellis begin to apologize to Ariana Grande. Starting with a insult, that when he first heard her name, he thought it was something from a Taco Bell menu. Meanwhile his grip on her petite body appeared to overpower  her and his fingers against her breast, with much movement unfortunately .

If you look at Ariana Grande’s face, the discomfort, the shock or disgust that fills her entire being is saddening, while trying to keep her composure in a unfortunate situation, during a sad time for many.

When you can very easily do this type of ungodly act publicly, what on earth would you doing privately? A touch or gesture that should only be done to a spouse. If you can inadequately touch another female as this Bishop did with Ariana’s breast. Then you might just do anything.

Let me give you my view through my disappointment concerning this matter, Bishop Charles Ellis is a foul, inappropriate disgusting being. A very sad excuse for a Bishop I might add. To top everything off, in his apology he made reference to the fact that he crossed the border, instead of crossing the line. Which sounded racist to me. As he spoke in his apology, he had this smirk on his face. There is bsolutely nothing funny about matter.

He could be innocent, but I highly doubt it. He made reference to the fact that they had been in the service all day. That some are less guarded and since the the service was long he was just trying to make light of the service. Let’s call a spade, a spade. Let’s not sugar coat this matter, nor are we going to laugh it off. Come clean or go away dirty, is my motto.

Some said it wasn’t a big deal, but who would say that? It is a big deal, Bishop Charles Ellis crossed the line, not the border as he said, but the line. He was inappropriate and I know God will deal with this ungodly behavior. As angry as I am concerning this topic, I am not his judge and jury, but I am here to speak truth.

This angers me because so much of this type of thing happens so often, and unfortunately in the church. The devastation from such a selfish ugly act does more damage than people realize. It divides the family and discards any trust we are supposed to have in family and preachers.

We will not sweep this behavior under the rug any longer. Tell One, Tell All! The very thought that you would want to deposit your seed inside a minor, a relative, or anyone who isn’t your mate with consent. Is  a disgrace to all, especially God. Trust me God is not pleased. Note that it is a terrible thing to be in the hands of an angry God.

It was also said that only the Hispanic community was insulted by Charles Ellis’ remarks, but let me inform you, that is not a true statement. Many were upset by his actions as well as his comments. Even though Ariana is not Hispanic we saw and heard Bishop Charles Ellis comments and actions, which we frown upon it.

The preacher failed to shun the very appearance of evil. He stood flat footed and allowed the devil to show his ugly head. Even in the church before millions of people looking on. The word of God says that Satan is seeking whom he may devour. Satan is the father of lies, the creator of deceit, as well as one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Be not deceived by his devices.

I hope the victims come forth. Tell One, Tell All! If you have been in this situation.  Cry loud and spare not!

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Come out Devil from among them! In Jesus name. Our prayers go out to Ariana Grande and her family, and all the other victims.

One comment

  1. i dont care if he apologized what he did was wrong and poorly timed.
    i hope he is more cautious in the future with his fellow women in his church or family or friends .


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