My perpetrator is my sister who took it upon herself to have her way with when I was in the 2nd grade.


My perpetrator, my sister. In a house full of kids, a missing father and a mother who seemingly is only concerned about herself.

As we reached puberty, 8 girls and 4 boys, the hormones must have been raging for those young fellows, even to the point that somewhere in there little minds they thought it was okay to lust and act upon the most devastating crime one sibling could do to another.

It seem to be no real supervision in the home, except when mom was present, and at that point everybody kept to themselves and the house became quiet as a church mouse roaming the kitchen without a care in the world. No fear of sounds, or disturbances. Everyone in their own little space, if they could find one.

No civil conversations, no open lines of communication, no trust, no boundaries, no respect, no Godly love, no limits as to how far one would go. Just hate, resentment, strife, anger, bitterness, discord, disrespect, but more importantly no one to share your concerns with, and a perpetrator waiting to have their way with you again and again. 

When you told, no one believed you. It was if you were in an interrogation room day after day for about a week, with no results. In a home where you were told you would not amount to anything in your life or you probably wouldn’t graduate high school, because that’s how little love or fate they had in you.

Your body was not your own, as your perpetrator would continue to have their way with your body. Whether it was day or night, in the bedroom or bathroom. They would pick the lock to the bathroom and enter as they pleased and have their way with you.

My Perpetrator

My perpetrator was my sister, of course she was older. I was the 10th child out of the 12. Two younger sister under me. I cannot tell you how long the molestation went on, but it lasted at least a year. It was never safe around her. On top of the molestation she treated me like her slave.

She would allow the water to stimulate her while in the bathroom, and insisted I stay in the bathroom with her.

Seeking Help: Know that God can deliver you from any and all evil doings against you or someone you might know who has had or is going through something similar. Seek professional help spiritually or naturally.

Encourage Yourself: Many perpetrators don’t seem to think they need help. But they do, mental and spiritual help is absolutely needed. But they would have to want help first of all, before a change can take place.

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