Giving God praise is all I desire to do.

I Give You Praise!

It is you Oh Lord, I give my praise to. I honor, I glorify and I love you enough and recognize you alone are God. Total praise to the only wise God our Savior, who made heaven and earth. The God who allows this earth to sit on it’s  axle, suspended in the atmosphere. We sit in awe of you! The splendor of God’s glory magnifies itself on a daily basis. See the beauty of His holiness and His wondrous works. I give you praise, Lord. I give you praise. For there is none like you in all thee earth. I give you praise. You see beyond my faults. You are a God of second chances. So I continue to move upwards and forwards because of your unfailing love. For that, I  give you praise. To the only wise God our Savior,  both glory and honor, dominion and power. Listed below are the words to this beautiful song. Enjoy! I give You praise (2×) Oh my Lord I give You praise With all my heart With all my soul I give You praise (2×) Oh Holy Lamb Oh precious Lamb So much I owe To You oh Lord You sacrificed Your life for me I give You praise (2×) I will rejoice And I will sing Holy holy Oh precious King In You there’s Joy In You there’s peace Almighty savior My soul loves Thee
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Oh the wonders of God, and the beautiful music we have to assist us in total worship. To the only wise God our Savior. Both power and dominion. Oh how we love Him, because He first loved us. We lift up your most precious and Holy name, we magnify you, and you alone. We give you honor and praise, we lift up holy hands in awe of you, and the mercies that are new everyday. 'as' logo

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