Botham Shem Jean- Murder in Dallas

Botham Shem Jean-Murder In Dallas

Murder In Dallas- Botham Shem Jean
(The Dead Can’t Speak)

The cold hands of death swept across the apartment of Botham Shem Jean, a 26 years old African American who analyzed risk for a living at a global auditing firm. What he failed to analyzed was the risk of living close to a police officer and one block away from the Dallas Police Department headquarters.

According to the New York Times, Botham texted his sister in the evening of his demise that he was watching a football game on TV; the Eagles versus the Falcons to be précised. He also texted a friend, apologizing for not going out with her the weekend before.

A brief history of Botham Shem Jean
Mr. Jean was from the island-nation of St Lucia; he is described as a fun-loving and ever smiling guy who was a big eater. He won a meat-lovers’ contest at Big Chef Steak House in the Caribbean, which he still had his free meal ticket on his next visit- a prize he won for eating a two-pound steak in one sitting. But an avoidable death stopped him from enjoying his prized meals, and the rest of his glorious life. He lived in unit 1478 on the fourth floor of the South Side Flats apartment complex.

Death came knocking
On the 6 of September 2018, just three weeks away from his 27th birthday, a white off-duty police officer by the name Officer Amber R. Guyger who lived in Unit 1378, an apartment directly below Mr. Jean entered Botham’s room and snatched his life. She claimed it was a mistake- taking the wrong backpack to school is a mistake, mistaking another person’s pen is classified as a mistake, but barging into someone else’s door, having the time pull the trigger, not once but twice cannot be taken as a mistake.

Officer Amber a 30 years old police officer thought Botham was an intruder, so she fired her service weapon twice, striking him once in the torso. Young Botham was later pronounced dead at a hospital. This incident has angered the people of Dallas and beyond; it is a mystery, yet to be solved. Just like several white cops killing innocent black people and quickly hide under the “mistaken identity umbrella” Amber was no different, she insisted it was a mistake, and there was nothing else. Even the deaf and the blind can tell that the police officer’s story is far from the truth.

Nowhere is safe when you are black
The racial profiling of black men and women by the white police officers has cut short the lives of promising black men and women, also, it has put a huge vacuum in the lives of their young ones. One disturbing fact is how these white cops go court free because they cannot do any wrong. No one is safe, not even in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, the fatal shootings have become the latest and most bizarre, confrontation between unarmed black man and a white officer according to the New York Times. Dallas is a city with an age-long history of racial divisions, and the avoidable death of Botham and the silly excuse made by Officer Amber has heightened tensions.

The System and its double standard
Over the years, the world has seen how the police department protects their own from the wrath of justice. They waste no time in prosecuting blacks whenever they err but sweep everything under the carpet when one of their own does a despicable thing. They take advantage of the fact that the dead cannot speak.

For how long will black mothers weep over their sons and daughters? Will the Blacks ever be free from unruly behaviors of white people with guns?

Police brutality- a rising plague in the society
Police brutality is disgracefully increasing by the day, and it is not a topic or thing we should overlook; it has been causing mayhem to the society especially in the African American community. It goes to show how insensitive those in charge of protecting us can be. Besides, what can we do when the protectors have turned to bullies, inflicting pain on a defenseless public, and give silly excuses like “it was a mistake?” lives are being lost, and those meant to protect us, turn blind eyes to it?

Furthermore, the United States of America is known and respected for her transparency and justice, fight for freedom, etc. most countries if not all, are looking up to this country. It will be a big shame on our part if we create bad examples. Examples such as the Botham Shem Jean and Officer Amber situation can, and will ruin the image, which our founding fathers have fought to build and uphold.

We all need not let this one slide; this act shows how rotten the system has become. Officer Amber and other cops who have taken innocent lives, yet cowardly hide under the “mistaken identity” umbrella should be brought to justice! Every life matters, including the blacks!

First of all, a police officer aiming at a harmless citizen, in his own apartment without waiting for a minute to hear who the “intruder” actually was, is devilish! You can’t just fire randomly all because you “thought” someone barged into your house. Officer Amber shot to kill; she didn’t bother going for a less sensitive part of the body- no, she gave a kill-shot instead.

Secondly, after the despicable attitude shown by the cop, the department, as usual, is trying to protect one of their own (Amber) by planning what excuse to give to the public, they forget the fact that they are there to serve and protect the people whether black, white, Asian, and also bring to justice whoever the offender is. This got to prove that the police aren’t protecting the defenseless public, but themselves- they have turned themselves into mini-gods. The hatred towards the blacks is now uncontrollable; the worse thing these folks do is to paint the dead evil, as the offenders because the dead can’t speak.

“Justice must prevail” is a slogan that is gradually turning to a mirage in this country. We can’t just sit and watch this beloved country turned into a lawless state. The law is meant for everybody and not only the blacks.

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