Raising Chickens

The benefits of raising your own chics. How it can be profitableHow I Started Raising Chickens

My final year in the University
My graduation year was around the corner, and I kept asking myself “after school what’s next?” Meanwhile, I just opened a blog, and the goal was to make a passive income. Well, for months I exhausted my savings, and nothing was working. Graduation was finally over, and the next stage was to serve my country for one year; during this process, I started earning some cash for myself through freelance writing. That was when I meant this guy; he was everything that I wanted in a guy; he gave me the attention, and said the things I wanted to hear. He wasn’t working, and I didn’t see it as a problem because I don’t need his money. Whenever he needed help, I was there for him, talked about the future- to cut the story short I was in bliss (so I thought).

A life void of purpose
However, I wasn’t able to save my earnings; it seemed I was moving in circles- work-spend, work and spend again. I was like that for almost two years, and then something terrible happened to my freelance account- money stopped coming, and it was my turn to be in need. I started urging my boyfriend to get a job, while I get something going for myself. Things started going south, I was no longer able to help him with some money, I became uptight, and so was he. I got angry most of the times, and it was reflecting on me.

After the Storm
Things started looking up for me when an old friend of mine, offered me a gig to be his writer- basically, whenever he gets writing gigs, he will outsource it to me; I thanked him, and work started.
I started receiving payments for my services, and I was using the money to pay some bills at home. Although my relationship never sprouted up again, I stopped giving him money whenever he asked, not because I didn’t want to, but because it was not enough to settle my needs.

A sign from Above
God came to my rescue when I finally asked him for help. I was done with school, no job except my freelancing. So I asked, “What should I do?” is this how my life is going to turn out? Working to pay bills? What can I do to live the life you created me to live? Sincerely, I never expected an answer because I was not praying; I was merely talking to myself. The next day, I decided to go for a walk, to get some fresh air that was when the answer came. I saw a little girl with some chickens, I kept staring at the chickens for some minutes, and then I walked back home. I was happy! Finally, something to do with my life!

A purposeful living
I was so full of joy! I checked my account, there was not much in there, but it didn’t bother me. I just believed money for the project will come. I got twenty chicks that year, in August to be précised. Whenever I get paid for my writing service, I will use it to buy chicken feeds. Oh, what a joy to see the chicks turn into healthy chickens! As if God was trying to tell me something, a friend gave me a book- The richest man in Babylon. After reading the book, I realized that I have been wasting God’s blessings. My eyes opened, and I started taking responsibilities primarily in the area of finance; I developed the sense of accountability.
My boyfriend came in one day and saw my farm records, and he said “your birds are taking all your money now” I smiled and replied- they are my investment. A few weeks later we broke up, it was painful, but I was able to get over it.

The festive season came, and people rushed the birds, they gave me positive feedbacks and promised to come back the following year.
Life’s lessons
I learned a lot from what happened to me, and my sincere prayer is for you to get something too from my story.
 First of all, I realized that some things need to happen for you to take the right steps. Losing my job in the first place made me understand that I was wasting my resources.
 Some people need to leave your life before you can move to the next level.
 Secondly, it is not about what you have; it is about what you do with what you have. Looking at my account balance, I never believed I would be able to raise twenty chickens successfully.
 Third lesson: it is never too late to start; okay, the best time to start was yesterday, but the perfect time to start again is NOW.
 Be accountable: the moment I became accountable, money started coming my way. I learned this secret from the RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON
 God cares about you, even when you think you are alone- He showed me what to do, and how to do it.

Last year it was twenty birds, but this year I am raising 100 birds for this festive season. When God is in what you are doing, and you are dedicated to what He has given you to do, growth is inevitable. This is how I started raising chickens.

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