My night in the county jail was extremely eye opening to say the least. A place I never want to go back to.

County Jail

Jailhouse Blues
Spending a night in jail for most people can be very upsetting, to say the least. If in your right mind, it is not a place you want to frequent. The humiliation, the cost of fines, and the ultimate shame are all experiences you never tend to forget.

I went to jail one Sunday morning, and boy was it an eye opener. I think I was too angry to even be upset that I was even there. Until they threw my big behind on what seem like the floor, even though I had a cot.

Maybe it was the moment I had to change into my uniform they gave me,. No it wasn’t orange, it was a dirty dingy beige, and a little too tight.

Once I got into my room at 2:30am, and trying my best to get comfortable. It was breakfast time, OMG! it was 5:00am. I was absolutely wigging out. I was so tired, my body was aching, and breakfast was bologna sandwiches and what seem like cornflakes. I was mortified, this is what these poor people eat? I ate my cornflakes and one of the other mates dove in head first for my sandwich. Yuck!!!

Later that morning, my stomach begin to act up, “bubble guts” I call it. I was out done that I had diarrhea, all I could think was really God. I actually have to take a poop in front of all of these ladies. You have to be kidding me? The leader of the bunch told me to hold out, because we were getting a break soon. They will go out the room, and I could use the toilet, man what a blessing that was. To keep the smell down, I had to use and flush, use and flush immediately.

As if things could not be worse, my body odor left little to be desired. I flat out stink, no two ways about it. Lucky me I was able to take a shower, even though I had to put back on the same clothes. It was still a relief.

As far as going to see a judge, for some reason, the judge pushed my time to see him back almost two full weeks. Most people see the judge within 48 hours. I often wondered why he chose to schedule me so far out. But to save me from being in jail so long, my nephew bailed me out. All I had to do was show up for my court appointment. I have to let you know, my nephew was only about 17 years old at the time.

When I got out, I realized just how angry a person I was. I wasn’t any earthly good. I had lots of issues I needed to deal with along with going to Anger Management Classes. But only God could help me, He knew all there was to know about me and how to best deal with the demons, the anger, the bitterness and the lack if God in my life.

I isolated myself, I didn’t have a church, I refuse to associate with people and I hardly went out the house. This went on for about a year, I would only come to walk the dog.

Finally, a young lady invited me to her church. I couldn’t stop the tears as God begin to have His way in my life. But He did it! I gave my life to Jesus again, I repented and released all the hurt and pain, the anger, the depression, the lies, the abuse, the molestation, the bitterness, the hatred, the anxiety, and for some the feeling of suicide.

When I look back at this situation, I can laugh, but please don’t think I am Looney. It seem like the odds were again me, But God! He knows better than we do.

God be with you! In the power of His might and the love God bestows upon you each day. Jesus loves you!

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