Integrity is a must, if you fail to show honesty and truth, you are less than trustworthy. You are nothing

Your Integrity Matters

Integrity means to do the right thing even when no one is looking. To hold up a standard, to be a cut above the rest. It matters not what others think of you, but ultimately what God sees when he looks at you on judgment day.

Will God say, you worker of iniquity I know you not? or will He be pleased at the choices you have made throughout your spiritual walk with Him?

Many times because people are not looking, we tend to take the lesser road regardless as to what it is. We fail to use our manners, we cut corners on the job, we cheat on our taxes, we tell what we call a little white lie, and we will make excuses for whatever it is we need or want. Regardless of who it hurts or damage.

Integrity is far from our minds when we are in the midst of committing a sin before the eyes of the Almighty God. We could actually care less what others think or feel, as long as it gets us what we want.

It is a sad world we live in today, but the bible is true. Men will be lovers of themselves, rather than showing any concern for our fellow brethren. God is probably anger as He sit high and looks low. As we go about our lives with no thought to the heart of God. No thought to if our Savior is pleased with our actions. The bible states that we will have to give in account for every word or deed we do.

Example: My daughter works for this company, and the person in charge of payroll often alters the timesheets. First by adding extra hours to her friends time, and not giving the proper hours to the ones who actually did their hours. The sad thing is, this young lady has been trusted to be in the office with many important documents. She lacks integrity and honesty, and should be fired, but the boss who we know personally refuses to fire this person because she feels sorry for her.

Why can’t people do the right thing? What is going on in this world? I tell you what it is: the devil is running rampant, he is causing as many as possible to be out of control. His time is running out because Jesus is soon to return, and he is trying to take as many with him as possible.

We must be careful for nothing, the enemy is a trickster and is on his job 24/7. The problem is, we as Christians are not on ours. We must be vigilant, we must fast and pray, we must hold to God’s unchanging hand. Remembering to read our bibles, so that we can know God’s word, which is powerful and true. It is His word that will help you in fighting the attacks of the adversary.

The adversary is our opponent in conflict and dispute, at all times, even until Jesus return! Any little tool he can use against you, he will. Whether it is your lack of integrity, lying, murder, stealing, molestation, slacking on the job, or cursing. Do not be subject to his devices.


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