Alone With God

When I listen to the sweet music, I am able to meditate, pray, cry, and open my heart to God.

I am able to tell Him all about my troubles. He listens to me without passing judgment concerning the mistakes I have made.

He corrects me and gives me the tools I need to do better than the day before. He loves me through the pain and anguish, the confusion, the misguidance that occur periodically.

He instructs me to read His word more, in order to know which direction to go. He reminds me to listen more intently. To hearken to His word.

To bow before His throne, with humility and repentance. He continues to show me love. He helps me with reason, as I need to make decisions. But only when I am alone with God.

I walk the floor as I pray, from room to room. Crying out to the most holy one, God mighty in battle. Oh how He loves to hear my voice, my cry, my petition to Him for answers. How the praises are like a sweet melody to His ears.

He lets me know that my tears are a cleansing tool, which is good for my soul. I love to taste the goodness of Jesus.

As the music plays softly in the back ground, the words flow from my heart to God’s. He embraces me with His powerful love. Creating in me a clean heart, and renewing my mind.

God! the rock of my salvation. My fortress, my strong tower, my Lily of the valley, my pillar, my friend in whom I put my trust.

I love the Lord He heard my cry, and pitted every groan. For He is my buckler, my shield, bright and morning star, my all in all, for their is no one else like God.

He loved me so much that He gave His only begotten son, that I might live again. His mercies are new every day, and for that I am grateful. Who is this God? He is my friend, my Father, He is my creator! 

Oh how I love you Father God. For you alone are God and beside you, there is no other.

Encourage Yourself: Remember to take time to be alone with God.

(I do not own the rights to this music.)

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