Why Do We Cry?

Such truth, I love this article. Thank you Anmol Singh!

Spectrum of Feelings

What is it that makes people cry? Why do people break down? Is it because they are taken over by their worlds – the world outside or is it because their inside is not in sync with the rest of the universe. Is it the way of the universe, the two worlds – inside and outside to balance themselves?

Or is it just a way of tiring yourself, so that you then become too tired and rugged to actually think of your problems. To make bodily pain more than that inside you, so that you find the latter tiny. When your eyes swell up, redden, and the body is dehydrated enough to decrease your brain activity.

Is it that the face that you wear for the world is no longer valid, its broken, and the second skin is shedding off as tears. Revealing the real you inside. Breaking free, from the pressure of maintaining…

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