Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Keeping a healthy lifestyle does not only mean ensuring you are physically fit, but it also includes your mental health. From bipolar disorder to post-traumatic stress disorder and every other disorder you can think off are play a vital role in our lives. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder especially is a mental health challenge that is common with soldiers and people who have been through a shocking event(s) in their lives.

What You Need To Know About PTSD

There are some facts about PTSD that will surprise you, apart from other basic ideas about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD Symptoms May Be Visible After Years

The nature of PTSD symptoms vary from individual to individual; sometimes, the signs are not apparent immediately after a traumatic episode in one’s life, with diagnosis and confirmation of PTSD, it may take the symptoms more than one month to surface. Moreover, some patients may have the occurrence of flashbacks of the unfortunate events immediately after the episode, but post-traumatic symptoms may be visible after months.

Furthermore, some individuals only experience flashbacks of the traumatic events, and others experience anxiety and depression although some people have difficulty in sleeping, emotional numbness, inability to concentrate, and so on.

Females are more susceptible to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is common among careful and sensitive people, and women are more in this category than men; they are more sensitive than men. However, studies prove that women are more prone to post-traumatic disorder even though men are more likely to have trauma. In addition, sexual trauma spikes PTSD than war trauma or any other trauma.

Children Also Suffer From PTSD

PTSD is not only prevalent in adults, but it also affects children; children also develop this condition because of some horrific events such as sexual abuse, accidents, sudden death of a loved one, neglect and solitude. Teenagers are prone to post-traumatic stress disorder, and they have symptoms such as distress, and depression. Also, most teenagers show aggressiveness and anger in their behavior.

It Is Not Easy To Discard PTSD

Unlike some disorders, PTSD is challenging to get rid of; it is difficult to wipe off traumatic events from one’s mind. Such people are advised by professionals to forget everything and move- this process alone is another uphill task.

Those having PTSD symptoms like anxiety or depression cannot easily wave PTSD aside and move on; they need good therapy and counseling to heal. A professional therapist has to help the patient in this area and make the difference. Before consulting a therapist, it is essential to find out first if the therapist specializes in PTSD.

Symptoms Of PTSD Are Not Always Obvious

One of the dangers of this disorder is the ability to conceal itself; most symptoms of PTSD may not be visible while some are obvious. Post-traumatic stress disorder becomes problematic when it appears after many years of the trauma. Some individuals tend to experience depression that may result in the wrong diagnosis. While others may show denial, in essence, the person may deny the traumatic event ever happening. This denial may lead to the wrong diagnosis that the problem is solved.

Medication Is May Not Be The Way Out

We are in an era where almost everybody wants to solve his or her problems by taking medication. Even though medication may help the patient cure the disorder, it is not always necessary for PTSD symptoms. A good therapist can solve the problem in most cases. It is important to note that some patients need to take medication before recovery.

Patients Experience Flashbacks Differently

One of the significant symptoms of PTSD is a flashback, and it may vary from patient to patient. While some individuals may never experience flashbacks, but other symptoms such as anxiety and depression others may experience strong and vibrant flashbacks. In such patients with strong flashbacks, a mere sound pr sight may bring back the traumatic memories giving a clear visual about a time and place where the tragic event happened.

Furthermore, the threshold also differs in everyone; just as the events, effects, and experiences are different in patients, so is the limit of trauma varies from patient to patient. Some may forget the experience and move on, while others may find it difficult to ignore and let go of the tragic event.  

PTSD Is Fast Growing In The Society

A lot of things including stress, unhappy environment, and tension trigger PTSD in anyone. Unfortunately, the number of people who have post-traumatic stress disorder are increasing every year. Besides, studies show that the situation is getting worse and they show that those with the disorder are more than 5% in every category. Also, the senior citizens are ignored in society, and they are very prone to PTSD.

Furthermore, our society becomes more selfish and more in love with money than their neighbors. Hence, no one saves time to show care and affections towards others; it is part of the reasons why there is increase intension and which can lead to several mental conditions including PTSD. If we want to fight and win this war, we need to do something to reduce mental stress and tension

Work Out Is One Of The Best Medicines

Generally, workouts are for anyone who loves to live a healthy lifestyle, but those with this disorder need to exercise daily to get rid of depression, stress and tension


  1. Thanks for sharing Courtney: I have had others tell me EMDR was successful for them” in a lot of cases it can be effective. Depending on severity of traumatic experiences

    Finding sports and Mortal Combat at young age helped me immensely , if it wasn’t for having a way of escaping and releasing I would probably be in jail by now.

    “Its not one size fits all”

    In my case the extreme nature I was subjected to and endured by that hand that gave me life. I am too unstable to ascertain psychotherapy others try to correlate and say that you need to move on or there is ways to cure PTSD have absolutely to blunt no fucking idea what they’re talking about.

    It started for me when I was 9-16 many times I thought of branching out for help and when I did ;I was 10, in fact it was because one of my mates that was being physically abuse by his alcoholic Father.

    So I went to someone I thought I could trust and was taken down Principle’s office and what I was telling them was so surreal they told me to stop telling stories. That night I was so terrified in gut wrenching agony, that I would not make it outta of the Basement of Secrets and be still breathing in the morning.

    From Mommy Dearest , “IT”

    Since I found out why I was feeling the way I was and after all this time ! I strongly believe the Alpha’s like me we endured and carry the load more then others because we can. Therefore we are affected,shattered into pieces the most. My life is like constant roller coaster there very few nights where I am able to lay in rest without twisted sadistic nightmares trying to rip me into nothing from the STORM.

    I take day by day when I have good day I soaked it for all I can get! because its too good to be true there times that no matter what it seems I am burden to my pack and to ones that care about me the most. Even though I know that they are not going anywhere.

    “They say time heals everything that is just mirage others say to try make sense of your agony, the cold truth time heals nothing its the Storms that teach you to live and endured”

    Here is my Story



    Liked by 1 person

  2. And yes I still very active in Martial Arts and Sport , I’m hoping to get back into the pitch next yr miss playing. Before I train I always listen to Kapa O Pongo Haka nothing like having 1000 vanquished warriors coursing through your veins! .

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