Winning Souls

The Act Of Soul Winning

First, I would like to say big congratulations to you for making it this far to the New Year, I sincerely hope you have started acting on your various New Year resolution. Let me quickly input here that if you are finding it difficult already in this New Year, it means you have not invited your Maker- the Holy Spirit to help you achieve your plans…yes, even your soul winning plans if you ask him to; He is a gentleman.  Simply ask for guidance or assistance.

The act of soul winning unlike what some of us think, is not all about taking your bible and preaching to someone about Christ. No, there is more to soul winning, and I pray God grants you the understanding as you read this article- Amen.

Our first duty as Christians is to lead people to salvation- to tell them about Jesus Christ, how He came to die for EVERYONE to save them, and give them abundant life. Mark 16:15- “15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Five Misconceptions of soul winning

A lot of misconceptions about soul winning that need to be clear- as stated earlier, soul winning is more than taking your bible, walking down the street, and preaching to anyone who cared to listen. Below are the misconceptions of soul winning

Soul winning is the pastor’s duty: One of the wrong beliefs any Christian can have is to believe soul winning is a special duty of the clerics, the pastors, evangelists, apostles, or deacons/deaconesses. You must not be a holder of any post in the church before you can preach Christ to people. The instruction is for every believer, including you and me Mark 16:15 proves it.

Soul winning is to increase the number of the church:  Another misconception of soul winning is to increase the local assembly. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of this, including pastors. What we call soul winning today is church winning- the ability to win someone over to your church. We tend to preach church and not Christ. Don’t get me wrong; it is very okay to invite someone to your church, however, that is not the main reason for soul winning. Christians should be more interested in saving the soul of the unbeliever than adding another seat to the assembly. This has made a lot of people to be in church but not in touch with their Savior. Until you focus on Christ, and not the church (the building), you cannot conclusively show people the way.

Soul winning is to talk to people about Christ only:  Like I said, there is more to soul winning than preaching God’s word on the street or neighborhood. Do you know your actions speak louder than the utterances of your word? As a matter of fact, people describe you by what you do, rather than what you say.

One of the reasons you are not winning souls to Christ may be your attitude towards the people around you. Can people around you boldly say you are a Christian when you are not there? You cannot preach goodness, kindness, longsuffering and your attitude towards colleagues, friends,  loved ones and even strangers shows the opposite. To save people from destruction, your character and the words you preach must be in harmony.  

You dictate who comes to Christ by preaching to them: sometimes,  I hear Christians say “oh I brought this sister to Christ, I brought that brother to Christ” “If not for me, that family would have continued in sin”. Listen, I don’t mean to burst your bubbles, but you are so wrong! Whenever someone gives his or her life to Christ, it is not you working. It shows the Holy Spirit is working; you don’t have the power to change the heart of anyone. The Scripture says for the heart of the kings is in His hands, He turns it to whichever direction in He pleases- Proverbs 21:1

Secondly, Jesus Christ in John 15:16- “16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”

It is true you are the one talking to the lost souls, but it is the Holy Spirit that is working inside of you that is changing the lives of the persons. The earlier you understand this, the more natural evangelism becomes for you. That is why it is advisable to pray to God to use your life (character) and not just your words to change the lives of people around you.

Praying is not part of Soul winning: John 4:36 –  “And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.”

Your prayer is as effective as your preaching and your lifestyle. Believe it or not, someone prayed for your salvation. As you go about your daily activities, endeavor to remember the unbelievers in your prayers. Pray for their salvation; it is as important as going to talk to someone about Christ. In fact, you need to intercede for them first, before going out to speak to them.

The above five misconceptions are some of the things why soul winning seem to be an uphill task for Christians yearning to make positive impacts in life.

Conclusion: Live an exemplary life so that people around you who are not Christians, will see the reasons to believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot act like a “lion” and preaching the message of the Lamb. Be the reason someone believes there is God. Secondly, ask for guidance, ask for direction from the Holy Spirit, and He will guide you on how to preach the Gospel of Jesus whether in prayers, deeds or words.

Encourage Yourself: One who wins souls must be wise.


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