Monthly Archives: January 2019

Watch “Life-threatening cold hits millions across the US” on YouTube

Be aware!

Hello my beautiful people, just a note to remind you to pray for our country. Pray for safety, wisdom, strength, and compassion, as people weather the extreme temperatures in states such as Chicago and Minnesota.

The life threatening cold has hit millions across our nation. To the point that if you throw boiling hot water into the air, it freezes and turns into snow. An incredible thing to see.

Be vigilant in your prayers for our fellow brothers and sisters. Pray for safe travels, or that individuals will exercise extreme caution in all their decisions. Continue to pray for an abundance of food, warmth, and countability of loved ones.

Above all else, know that the Lord is able to supply all their needs, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

Encourage Yourself: To GOD be the glory!