Do you know your Godly Significance?

…Seething with pure envy, all the ladies got together and decided not to patronize my salon. Instead, they went home and tied up their hair with scarves. You can best believe it; I saw it with my own eyes. It was just as well, though, because God had a plan.

A few days passed. One morning I was standing in my salon looking out of the window, watching the cars go by, when something came over me. For a few moments it was as if I was outside, looking in at the world through a glass, as though I was detached from everything around me and I was seeing a vision.

I asked, “Dear God, what am I doing here?” It was the strangest feeling, as if here meant that I was from somewhere out there. It took me thirty-one years to ask God this relevant question, and because of the question, I believe I experienced eternity; there were no constraints on my life whatsoever. I felt a higher calling and that I had the power to be whatever I was being called to. I had always felt different growing up anyway, and this was the confirmation of that feeling. Why am I sharing this experience? Because this was one of the times God visited…

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