“Deliver Me”

Deliverance, means to be set free, or rescued from sin and issues that eat away at the very core of your being. The undue heartache and pain that you just cannot seem to conquer, whether it is molestation, physical and verbal abuse, or negligence. Any type of childhood trauma that hinders you in any way or that keeps you from being able to live a productive life as an adult, or be the best you, you can be, calls for deliverance. DELIVERANCE is the solution, a personal relationship with God will make all the difference with true sincerity.

Remember without deliverance, you might have the propensity to get in the way of what God needs to do in your life. But to be delivered, one must desire to be set free, after coming into the knowledge of Christ. “Deliver Me, for this is my Exodus.”

Very few of us have had a great childhood, as a matter of fact it appears, many have been tormented or abused in some type of manner. The best thing you can do is confess, confront and seek. Confess your sins and faults, confront your demons or perpetrators if necessary, and seek the help of God. Because it is God and only God who can fix your situation or deliver you from the demons that plague you on a daily basis.

I want to share this song with you, and the young lady Le`Andria singing this song has struggled with alcoholism, but was in denial at first. Now, I am uncertain what the underlining problems are in her life, but I saw her confess her addiction. She won Sunday’s Best Season 4 Contest a few years ago; after auditioning in some flip flops, looking tattered and torn, after losing her home, not knowing which direction she was headed, and to top it all off, not really wanting to audition.

Donald Lawrence took a chance with the Grammy Winning artist LeAndria Johnson, after she bashed the church and spoke Ill of several people in her Periscope rant, such as bashing Beyoncés father Matthew Knowles, calling him a crook, among a few others. Having to deal with shows being cancelled, and being dragged through the gospel mud, Le`Andria had to confront her demons and recognize the reality of how she allowed the enemy to use her. But in this song she appears to sing from the depths of her heart. Take a listen closely to this song and allow it to premiate your heart. It is quite moving to say the least.

Not to be judgemental, but when I first heard her story, I had very little patience for her. I told myself that she should have been able to kick this lust for drinking, for the sake of her children. So maybe I was harsh at first, but heard this song and after she went to rehab, I thought, this really could be anyone of us. Our sins vary, for instance Le`Andria’s is alcoholism, mines was anger, fighting, and dealing with issues from my childhood like molestation and neglect and the feeling of not being loved. Yours might be stealing, suicidal tendencies or depression which can have a lasting affect if not dealt with through deliverance.

What it boils down to is this, SIN IS SIN. We have all sinned, and caused hurt and harm to the very ones we say we love. Which is just what Le`Andria did to those four precious babies of hers. No one sets out to intentionally hurt their loved ones, but when you have an addiction, these things cannot be helped some times. No stone throwing for me or anybody else. Let’s remember to pray!

God softend my heart towards this young lady, no doubt she can sing. I was seeing the alcoholic that she was, instead of my sister in Christ. But there were a few videos on Periscope in circulation, were she was using foul language, her now deceased brother was cursing out the people online who were coming against the fact that she was singing for God, but drinking, smoking cigarettes and acting street-like.

According to the bible, there is a scripture that reference the people to follow me as I follow Christ. In Le`Andria trying to pastor a church in Houston, singing for God and saying she was called to minister to the people, it was not adding up. Her personal walk with Christ was questionable to say the least. The video of her blatantly cursing and saying the church was nothing, and that’s me giving the sweeter side of what she actually said in her video, leaves little to be desired.

Le`Andria spoke her truth, and the church folks couldn’t handle it. She got a background look at what really goes on, and exposed the gospel music world for what she thought it was. Although it might be true, it was the manner in which she delivered the message to the rest of the world. Which costed her in the long run. The one truth that she couldn’t deal directly with, was the fact that she is an alcoholic, and was hurting her children, mother and father, as well as the fans that do truly love her. Most of all she was bringing shame to God and His sweet son Jesus, as a child of the most high, as a pastor, and songstress.

Le`Andria had to first acknowledge her problem, seek help, and be willing to accept the necessary help. Once doing so, she could boldly stand before God’s people, ask for forgiveness, accept the forgiveness from those willing to set their self righteousness aside, and embrace this young lady. When singing this song, Le`Andria is able to sing while touching the hearts of many. For this I am grateful, God’s grace and mercies are new everyday.

Encourage Yourself: For we were shapened in iniquity, and no good thing dwelleth in us, according to the scriptures. But we can change our behavior, we can accept Christ into our lives, because Jesus makes the difference. Only if you desire! He is such a gentleman, that He will not force you to do anything you are not willing to do.

Once we as saints realize that we are too judgemental, we are sometimes cruel, and we don’t have a heaven, nor hell to put anyone in. Not to mention the fact we are all sinners saved by grace. When trying to take the mote out of someone’s eye, remember we might have a beam in ours. In most cases, we can only pray for the other person, but we must remember to do so, instead of being so harsh.

Lord deliver me, cause all I seem to do is hurt me!

When I heard this song, I thought how true is this song. After the torture and hurt from the past, that we deal with, we do more damage to ourselves by and with alcoholism, unsavory conversation, over-thinking, looking for love in all the wrong places, living in a state of anger and the list goes on and on. But we come against all of these sins, faults, issues, fears, hang-ups, hinderances, or demons, IIN THE NAME OF JESUS.

As saints we must do better, the world is so wicked, and men are lovers of themselves, crime is extremely high, and people foul, damnable and cruel, we as people think nothing of killing one another. We think nothing of cursing the name of Jesus. But if God wasn’t patient or kind, He would strike us dead in our tracks, and we would deserve every bit of it. We need to be careful calling ourselves children of the most high God, and living like the devil. God is not pleased, and note that it is a terrible thing to be in the hands of an angry God.

My forgiveness to this young lady for being so judgemental, but I do want to say this. You must will to live, or be determined to be saved and separated from this world, and more than anything else shun the very appearance of evil. I am a personal witness that God will Deliver you! Because He Delivered Me!



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