10 Time, Wasting Habits

Ten Habits You Are Wasting Your Time On, That You Need To Stop

Not all problems need God’s attention; there are some habits we cultivate that hinder us from moving to the next levels, and if we can stop them we will see a different but positive side of us, which we never imagine that we have. Below are some time wasters in our lives that need to be stopped.

Waiting for inspiration
Some of us prefer people to nudge us to do something before we attempt to do it; while this is good, it can also be a stumbling block to your success. Like it or not, everyone has their own problems, and not everyone will find the time to inspire you to be better in your endeavors; you don’t need to wait for someone to lift you every time you fall; kick start your own engine. However, it does not mean you should not draw inspirations from people around you, but if you do not see any, do not wait for it. Get up and keep moving.

Worry about what people will say
“If I do this, what will people say” this line of thought has hindered a lot of us from moving forward. It is your life, your movie, and you are the lead role, do not let the thoughts of others stop you from venturing into what you feel, think, or believe will turn your story around. Besides, they might be rooting for you, who knows? The truth is not everyone will understand what you are trying to do; do it anyways so long you are sure of what you are doing, and you believe in yourself.

Murmuring or complaining about what has been done will not fix anything; the more you complain, the more time you spend reliving your sour past. Instead of complaining, look for ways to avoid such situations in the future. Moreover, God does not want us to complain; instead give thanks, because it could have been worse.

Trying to please everybody
Trying to please everybody is like using a basket to fetch water from the river; impossible, isn’t it? Man’s needs are insatiable; the more he gets, the more he wants. Do you think you can satisfy their needs? NO! You will be wasting more of your time trying to please everyone instead of investing that same time developing yourself.

Comparing yourself
Another silly thing we find ourselves doing is comparing ourselves with somebody else. God created us to be unique; you are beautiful in your own way that is why our fingerprints are different! Stop wasting time comparing yourself with someone else who may or may not notice you. The earlier you realize this, the better for you.

Repeating the same mistakes
All right, it is okay to make mistakes, but making the same mistake over and over again is plain stupidity (so sorry for the harsh words, but it has to be said). It means you are not learning from your mistakes at all. We learn from mistakes but try as much as possible to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.

It is good to be detail-oriented and do a neat job, but know when to move on. Trying to make things perfect will make you spend more time on one spot. Besides, the more you work on different projects, the more you gain experience and expertise that will enhance your perfectionism without wasting more time. Moreover, no one is perfect, we all have our flaws, but we are thriving towards perfection.

Lack of priorities
Setting your priorities will prevent you from wasting time on trivial issues. However, ensure you are disciplined enough to follow it through. It is not enough to set priorities; you have to make sure you stand by them and shun distractions.

The fear of failure
Another time waster in our lives is the fear of failure, the “what if syndrome”; what if it does not come out great, or what if people laugh at me. The more you think about it, the less likely you will do what you want to do. We learn from failing, just the way we learn from mistakes; do not let the fear of making mistakes or failing, hinder you from following your dream.

Not living your life
Let me quickly use this opportunity to talk to parents, or would-be parents; what your children become in life is none of your headache. You brought them to this world; the best you can do is to guide them, do not tell them what they should be in the future. In essence, do not try to live your life in them.

For instance, just because you’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but you couldn’t, should not make you force your kids to become doctors. They have the rights to choose whatever profession they deem fit. If you force them to be what you want, they may obey you, but at what expense? Their happiness? Not fair.

Ask them what they would like to be, what course they find interesting, and why they chose the path, this way you will understand and bond with your kids better. God has a plan and purpose for everyone, forcing them to do your will may prevent them from fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

Encourage Yourself: This also applies to you too, are you living your life? Or are you living the life society, your parents or peers carved out for you?

Encourage yourself through giving, you'll find that you are more blessed because of it
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  1. You have painted, neither more nor less, the day to day of the people. We always have bad habits and we do not realize it. This reflection leads us to make decisions if we want to live life properly

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