Bed Bugs, and what you need to know

Summer is fast approaching and it is the period where a lot of people prefer to take a break and have fun. However, things can go south quickly if pests such as bedbugs invade the hotel room or wherever they are staying all through the vacation. This article provides some of the tips to avoid bedbugs infestation during such vacation.

How To Avoid Bedbugs Infestation During Vacation

Imagine taking the family to a special state or city for a family vacation, only for pesky pests to dampen your joy. It is definitely not a good thought. If you are preparing for a family vacay, or you simply just want to travel alone to have “me-time” especially in the warm season there are some things you should or should not do.

“Bed bugs” they could be living in the most beautiful and clean hotel room. What more awful, they could be getting back home with you. Bed bug infestations can happen whenever, however, it is very important to be additional careful about the critters during travel times like summer, for example. Hiding up in crevices and cracks, they are very good in hitchhikers and could lock onto luggage and different assets.

During the research in 2015 by the NPMA and the University of Kentucky, 74 per cent of reviewed bug control experts said they’d experienced bed bugs in motels and hotels within the past year. Despite the fact that this number is second to apartments, apartment suites and single-family homes, 90 per cent of the professionals said they had discovered bed bugs in these places.

Examine your motel or hotel room properly: Before you settle into your rooms, it is advisable to check the bed and any couches or armchair. Make sure you check the folds and creases of the sleeping pad, Fredericks suggested, as small dim stains could be an indication of an infestation. Off chance that it’s a quite terrible case, you may even have the option to see the bugs’ castaway shells or pearly white eggs.

Place your luggage in a good spot: When getting to your lodging room, place your gear on non-upholstered furniture far from the bed, for example, on a work desk. If you use a luggage rack, examine it for bed bugs before plopping the suitcase down. The adult bed bugs can be seen by the human eye and around 1/4-inch-long by 1/8-inch-wide and are normally dark colored or reddish brown in color. Just imagine them to be the size of an apple seed. Be that as it may, bed bugs eggs are difficult to spot with the naked eye as they can be so tiny.

Make sure you store your belongings safely: when you are sure that your room is bed bugs free, cut the chance of bringing home stray by keeping your suitcases on the bag rack and as far from the bed as possible. Make sure you don’t leave your purse, clothes, and computer gears on upholstered furniture.

Keep begs closed when not in use. if you don’t want to take any chance of bringing to your home, then put all belongings in sealed plastic pouches and their suitcase in a zippered tote.

When you return from your trip, be sure to treat your suitcases as if you already have bed bugs infestation. This is because if the high number of hiding places for bed bugs in a suitcase, take precautions as if they have hitched a ride home with you from your trip. Once you get home, do not put your suitcase on your bed, couch or other furniture to unpack. If you can swing it, remove contents from the suitcases in an area like the laundry room, garage, kitchen, or foyer.

Once you unpacked, store your suitcase in a non-living space, if possible, places like the attic, basement or garage.

Encourage Yourself In the Lord

Furthermore, put the suitcase on bedroom closet or under a bed, then place it in a large trash bag first and tie the bag shut to prevent the bugs from crawling out. Next time when you pack for your family vacation, bring the items you need to put in the suitcase rather than bringing the suitcase into the bedroom or on top of your bed.

The easy way to do this is to put your toiletries, clothes, and other items into a laundry basket and carry them to your suitcase. Be sure to keep the suitcase stored in the garbage bag if you use it once a year or more often than that because bed bugs can live for several months or more without feeding. So, why having a wonderful holiday, ensure your belongings are pest-free.

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