Are you struggling with the issues of your past?

Rising Like the Sun

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Are you bound by brokenness?

Do you know someone who is broken?

Are you struggling with the issues of your past?

Are you ready to rise from brokenness?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Rising Like the Sun is for you.


It is said that everyone who comes to God has a his-story of brokenness on some level. Rising Like the Sun, is a riveting account of Anita Joes’ life story of rising from brokenness to wholeness. Experiencing sexual and verbal abuse along with rejection was a pain like no other. One moment with the Master changed the script and her process of healing began.

She explains, to rise is a choice; one has to dare to rise. As you journey through these pages you will discover a God-given strength to overcome life’s challenges. Just as God causes the sun to rise each morning, whether there is pain or pleasure, laughter or tears, it yet rises to its divine purpose, and that is to shine. So it is with everyone who recognizes their light has come. Now is your time; now is your season…to rise and shine!

– Anita Joe