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Watch “Life-threatening cold hits millions across the US” on YouTube

Be aware!

Hello my beautiful people, just a note to remind you to pray for our country. Pray for safety, wisdom, strength, and compassion, as people weather the extreme temperatures in states such as Chicago and Minnesota.

The life threatening cold has hit millions across our nation. To the point that if you throw boiling hot water into the air, it freezes and turns into snow. An incredible thing to see.

Be vigilant in your prayers for our fellow brothers and sisters. Pray for safe travels, or that individuals will exercise extreme caution in all their decisions. Continue to pray for an abundance of food, warmth, and countability of loved ones.

Above all else, know that the Lord is able to supply all their needs, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

Encourage Yourself: To GOD be the glory!


Fulfill Your Resolution

How To Fulfill New Year’s Resolution

It’s a few days to the New Year’s celebration; another time of the year where a lot of us make a to-do list for the New Year. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not follow through with the resolution, and only a few make it to March or midyear.

One of the primary reasons for the inability to accomplish goals is PROCRASTINATION if you can deal with this problem called procrastination, you will be able to follow through your New Year’s resolution.

How to deal with procrastination

To deal with procrastination, you need to understand what procrastination is all about- then you will be able to destroy the siege of procrastination in your life. Procrastination affects not only our work but our lives as a whole. The not so funny thing about procrastination is you know what you ought to do, but you do not have the willpower to do it- something or someone always distract you from reaching the set goals. The good news is we are going to deal with it to prevent the next year from slipping by without achieving what we propose to accomplish before the end of the year.

Before we jump right in on how to deal with procrastination, you need to know what it is all about and how it affects your entire life.

Contrary to what you believe, procrastination is not a tailored-problem, designed just for you. It is, in fact, a life-long challenge that millions of people face around the world. Procrastination is putting off or delaying what you set to do at a particular time intentionally or habitually. The effect sometimes may be crucial to our success in life- there are some things that you need to do at a given time that will skyrocket you to live your desired future.

Procrastination comes in different forms; sometimes placing pleasure over discipline, avoiding something negative by postponing action. For instance, someone who is afraid to fail may end up delaying the date of the examination (if it is in their power to do so) or getting choked up by overwhelming expectations. So, you see procrastination is not just prioritizing ones pleasure over discipline.

Why do we procrastinate?

We aware of the benefits of doing things at the speculated time, yet we choose not to do the right thing at the right time; so, what are the challenges, the probable reasons behind our delayed actions?

The task is perceived not urgent

A lot of people are guilty of this, we tend to push things aside when we know they are not immediate. “there is still time, oh I will do it later” we focus on the things that are right in front of us, even if they inconsequential.

The truth is it is more challenging to prioritize things that are not urgent- from redecorating the bedroom to saving for retirement; everyone has things they never get to do. It makes both big and small tasks neglected for months or years even.

Solution: Visualize the big picture

To overcome this reason of procrastination is to see the big picture, i.e. visualizing what you stand to achieve when you do the things you plan to do. When you start to imagine what you stand to gain if you start saving on time, or the “new you” after shedding the weight will trigger the zeal to act on your plans and not just leave it on the drawing board after the second day of New Year.

Furthermore, taking on the broader perspective rather than seeing the little itsy effect the action does to your life- for example, instead of focusing on the one or two pounds you will shed on a daily basis, focus on your new look that will emerge at the end of the year exercising. Taking on a new perspective can kick-start the process of taking action.

Finding the right time to start and what comes next after you start

While some people are forcing themselves to start the proposed tasks, others do not know how to begin; they do not know how to start. You see, the difference between the first group and this second group is knowledge and zeal. The first one may have the zeal to begin the journey, but they lack the energy to commence, while the second group may have the enthusiasm to start, but do not have the knowledge or resources of what they need to start the task. However, some people can be in group one and at the same time group two. In essence, someone may not have the zeal or courage and also the knowledge to begin the task.

Furthermore, people procrastinate because they do not know or are not sure what to do first; they are confused, disorganized and overwhelmed with the whole thing. This when you redirect your focus on watching a movie, checking the latest movies on Netflix or some other things that will make us forget about the task temporarily.

Solution: it is normal to feel what you are feeling now

You are not alone; this situation isn’t peculiar to you alone until you realized it is okay to feel overwhelmed or even stupid you will not be able to move on to accomplish the goals you set to achieve this New Year.

Here is the fun part, add all the “crazy moments” such as screaming in the bathroom or pillow,  hanging out with friends, etc. to your to-do list. The list helps you to cool off before you start all over again.

It is important to note that the beginning of the task may include several do-overs and lots of mistakes. It will overwhelm you if you feel it is not normal for you to experience all these while on the journey to fulfilling your dreams.

The fear of failure

The third reason some of us procrastinate is that we are scared of failing- we set high standards for ourselves that we quickly hide in our shells once we sense we will not be meeting the target. This thought has made a lot of us “under-achiever”- we prefer to stay in our comfort zone and shine, rather than attempting new heights. So, we when set new tasks, and we sense this is not our usual tasks, we tend to procrastinate.

Solution: failure is learning from the journey and not the destination

You need to understand that your self-worth has nothing to do with your accomplishment- just because you could not meet up the standard, you or the society placed on you does not make you a failure. Success is not measured by what you have accomplished over the years; it is becoming a better you every day. You do not measure success by comparing yourself with your neighbor; you compare yourself with the person you were last time. This will help you a lot than you think- it will free you from the pressure you unconsciously or consciously placed yourself.  

Some people work under pressure

I am sometimes guilty of this fourth reason- many of us work better and faster when the due date is around the corner than when there is enough time for it. Take, for example, a student who does not study for an exam until it is a few days away, and he will still come out one of the tops in his class. Some people prefer to wait until the due date before starting any given task.

Solution: know what works best for you

The solution to this one totally depends on you; you need to understand what works best for you. If you feel you are among the people who love to work under pressure, intense focus, and the adrenaline rush when accomplishing a project or task then procrastinate all you want. However, you need to know when to draw the line- some jobs require time, for it to be accomplished successfully- for instance, if you plan on losing weight this New Year, you do not have to wait until it gets closer to the end of the year before attempting to lose weight. It requires consistency, and patience among other things.


All right, this may sound harsh, but the truth is we sometimes do not feel like working at all. You rather do anything else than to fulfill the task you have set yourself to do.

Sometimes, getting off the couch, calling customer service, or taxes may seem like an uphill task, you are not alone.

Solution: measure and compensate yourself

Some people procrastinate because there is no reward after fulfilling such a task- the answer to this is to divide the work (optional) and reward yourself after accomplishing each part of the project.

For instance, if your job is to clean the house- you can pause for a refreshment after vacuuming the floor, and then start again. Most employers use this tactic to indulge their workers- for instance, the employee of the week is one of the ways to encourage their works to put in their best. We tend to do a lot more when there is a reward after the day’s job.

Encourage Yourself

If you are a believer who tends to procrastinate all the time, I would like to share this secret with you. The Holy Spirit is our motivator, but sadly, most Christians do not know this- the Holy Spirit is there to give us the strength we need to achieve goals. All we have to do is to ask in Faith, then start while He handles the rest. You do not pray and then lay back; you pray and then begin in Faith. Faith without work is dead- James 2:14 “What does it profit, my brethren if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?”

When you push yourself to start after asking the Holy Spirit for help, it shows you believe in Him- and because our God is too faithful to fail, He will show up.

A Dead End Church

What to do if you find yourself in a dead end church, first of all, one must pray. It is imparative to seek God in all your ways.

Any move you make in your life should not be done without first seeking God’s wisdom first. This is where people, and Christians alike make their biggest mistake. But most of all not patient enough to wait on God.

Knowing the the bible is our guideline for all we need or should ever desire, comes from the word of God. Those who literally take the scriptures what it says, and wait to hear from God are almost always the ones who seem to make good sound decisions.

They show patience, they are not quick to respond, which means they are ultimately waiting on the Lord. The word of God says He will never leave you nor forsake you.

So back to the dead end church, when a church is lacking children’s ministries, or we are not giving back to the community, or when people are not running in asking what must I do to be saved? Something is severely wrong with your church.

As sad as it is, one must not continue in a dead end church, a church that is going nowhere fast. Especially in the time that we live in. The kingdom of God is at hand. The devil is running rampant, we must be about our father’s business.

When you go to a church because it is the one you are most familiar with, or your friends attend that particular church, then you have bigger problems than 6ou know.

Most of all attend a church that is preaching the truth, how do you know when the truth is being ministered. It will align with the word of God. No waivering, no setting, no personal interpretation. Nothing is added and nothing is taking away from it.

I once sat in a church where it seemed as if the pastor wasn’t studying his word. The messages were confusing and all over the place, making it really hard to follow along. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, mainly because I didn’t see the man of God administering a good solid word.

Just to make sure I wasn’t confused, afterwards I asked one of my female friends/missionaries about the message we had just heard. She confirmed she was a bit confused as well. I had to assure myself, that it wasn’t just me.

Seek God’s direction if you are in a church that appears dead, or that has a lack of concern for the people in and out the church. God answers prayers!

Rid yourself of a dead end church, or an alternative solution would be to sit down and brainstorm about how to better your congregation. Through prayer, fasting, programs involving the youth, teens, college students, and the surrounding communities, you can have a better church.

Lastly praying for your pastor that he is doing all that is needed to better deliver a wholesome message.

Encourage Yourself: Seek God first and He shall direct thy path.

Watch “The Seven Laws to Success (Part 1)” on YouTube

The laws of success, something we can all strive for. Live for today and plan for tomorrow.

This video will inform you of the many strategies to help you become more successful in your personal and financial life as well.

As Christians we often times fail to plan properly, in many areas of our lives. This guide to a better way of success is just a matter of determination.

You will find this video very useful please feel free to share. Note that when we know better, we will do better.

As a young girl/lady I was never taught how to budget my finances, nor to save, or any other principles of success.

Encourage Yourself: You are able to do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Happy New Year

Happy 2019 to all of my beautiful readers and God bless you!

Encourage Yourself: Although you experienced many difficulties throughout the course of 2018, 2019 will bring new changes, a more positive situation to better enhance your daily life.

Above all else, know that you are a child of the King, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God sees and is all knowing. Trust and believe He is just and faithful to see you through your life circumstances.

God loves you with an everlasting love! He is your heavenly father and is concerned about the things that concerns you.

Happy NewYears beloved! From our house to yours. Much love. Sincerely Anita & Courtney Rowe

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